Episode 1

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20th Apr 2022

Welcome to Fit to Lead with Sam Adeyemi

This is the first Fit to lead podcast with Sam Adeyemi. In this episode, I introduce you to who I am and my philosophy on leadership. Check this out and feel free to connect with me on socials. I look forward to meeting you.




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Fit To Lead
Leadership Podcast with Sam Adeyemi
Fit to Lead Podcast with Sam Adeyemi is a leadership focused and centered show with global leadership expert Dr. Sam Adeyemi. This podcast covers all aspects of leadership from lowest level to highest level of business, politics, entertainment, media, entrepreneurship, culture, family, nation building, personal leadership and interviews with other world leaders. Dr. Sam is a Strategic Leadership expert with over 30 years experience. He has mentored, trained, coached over 45,000 leaders around the world. He is also an author, coach and speaker.
Connect with Sam online : linktr.ee/samadeyemi

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